PATH for PWS (Paving the way for Advances in Treatments & Health for PWS) is a natural history study to advance the understanding of medical events in people with PWS.

PATH for PWS is a natural history study sponsored the Foundation for Prader-Willi Research (FPWR) to advance the understanding of the medical history and serious medical events in people with PWS. The data is intended to inform development and clinical trial design for potential new treatments. There is no therapy provided as part of this study.

In addition to the main PATH for PWS study, PATH participants who live in the U.S. were asked to consider participating in a sub-study that involves providing a blood sample for analysis. The sub-study is now closed.

Enrollment in the 4-year study is underway through the Global Prader-Willi Syndrome Patient Registry, which is powered by the National Organization for Rare Disorders’ (NORD) IAMRARE™ Registry Program.

What is a natural history study?

Why is the PATH for PWS study so important?

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What types of serious medical events should be reported through the PATH for PWS study?

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We’re looking for 500 people with PWS ages 5 to adult to participate
Enrollment Instructions

Meet the PATH for PWS Study Investigators

Theresa V. Strong, Ph.D.
Lead Investigator
Shawn McCandless, M.D.
Children’s Hospital Colorado
Study Investigator
Jennifer Miller, M.D.
University of Florida
Study Investigator